NEXIM partners with Fidelity Bank, Sapphital to train 5 million exporters

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In an effort to stimulate the growth of Nigeria's export sector and boost the country's foreign exchange earnings, the Nigerian Export-Import Bank (NEXIM) has entered into a strategic partnership with Fidelity Bank Plc and Sapphital Learning Ltd. The primary objective of this collaboration is to equip export-oriented businesses with the essential skills and resources required to thrive in the market. This will be accomplished through the utilization of the NEXIM Export Academy (NEXA), an online platform that facilitates capacity-building training and provides access to financing options for scaling up operations.
The NEXA platform, which was launched in 2022 with the support of Sapphital, a prominent digital learning institute, aims to empower a vast number of businesses by offering a comprehensive range of resources and knowledge. The ultimate goal is to enable these businesses to effectively participate in successful export operations, elevate their standards of quality control, and enhance their competitive positioning in the global market. By promoting improved quality and competitiveness, the platform endeavors to drive the growth of non-oil exports and foreign exchange earnings. Furthermore, it seeks to establish stronger connections and collaborations among all stakeholders within the value chain.

Fueling Nigerian exporters with knowledge, skills, and resources for global triumph.

Benefits of this partnership for exporters

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    Access to capacity-building training

    The NEXA platform provides exporters with access to a wide range of capacity-building training courses on topics such as export documentation, compliance, and quality control. This training will help exporters to improve their skills and knowledge, which will make them more competitive in the global market.

  • Access to finance

    The partnership with Fidelity Bank will provide exporters with access to finance to scale their businesses. This finance can be used to cover the costs of exporting, such as product development, marketing, and logistics.

  • Networking opportunities

    he partnership will also provide exporters with networking opportunities with other exporters, government officials, and industry experts. These networking opportunities will help exporters to build relationships and learn from others in the export community.

Fidelity Bank products for exporters


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Our financing solutions facilitate the movement of these businesses up the production value-chain through the financing of forward integrated components to facilitate transitions from primary production to value added products.


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We leverage our industry linkages develop strategic partnerships and engagements that exposes agribusinesses and exporters to markets for product off-take.


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Beyond financing, we have leveraged our thought leadership position and strong advisory capacity in the agribusinesss and non-oil exports space to help businesses bridge capacity gaps and enhance the value of their business propositions.


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Proper documentation is crucial in export trade transactions from both payment and regulatory compliance risk perspectives.

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